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    1. Joyce Annapolis U.S.A

      Ben, the pendant arrived today and it’s beautiful!!! Thank you so much for making it especially for me. I will treasure it. Shalom, Joyce

    1. Robert Sugarman

      Hi Ben Today I ordered the GR033 Roman glass earrings for Andrea’s birthday. She still wears the pendant continuously and shows it with pride to our friends, who admire it.

    1. Rathi Dasgupta

      It is a brilliant piece of work. I got this gift for my son. He really loves it. Both the design and constructs are of extremely high quality.

    1. Adam

      Thank you Ben for the beautiful pendant!

    1. Saul from Bermuda

      Dear Ben It is lovely and I am most grateful for your assistance. I wish you and yours a happy and healthy Hanukah and may 2021 bring you continued success in all your endeavors. With fond regards, Saul

    1. Sage from New Hampshire

      Your pieces are beautiful! Perfect for my sons for Hanukkah.

    1. Judy

      Dear Ben; I want to let you know that I received my new Chain today and it is perfect. I am wearing my Star of David and am a happy customer. Thank you so much. All the best, Judy

    1. Kenneth Miller

      Hello and good day to you! Our package arrived today. My wife is very pleased with her new items and they are beautiful! Again, thank you very much! Have a wonderful day! Darien Georgia U.S.A

    1. Adam

      Hello Ben,

      I received the hamsa pendant today and am so pleased. Thank you so much for your beautiful craftsmanship and responsiveness to all my emails. I will cherish this for many, many years.

      Todah rabah!


    1. Rathi Dasgupta

      I got this ring for my son on his birthday. It arrived on time from Israel to Chicago, USA. The design is awesome. The make is superb as well.

    2. Kemuel Yatrofsky

      One of the last things my mother wanted before she died was to have new rings made for herself and my father’s anniversary. Her death came suddenly and unexpected, but she left me details of how exactly she wanted the rings designed. As a gift to my father during my mother’s first birthday departed from this world, I placed the order exactly as my mother requested, to complete her wish.

      Ben worked tirelessly to complete the rings in time for my flight to America, understanding the special meaning the rings would have for my father, and he managed to complete the rings the day before my flight.

      The day of my flight, Ben’s father passed away, and although he had every right to postpone my pickup date, he understood and empathized with the meaning behind my father’s gift and made time to meet me in person and give me the rings just hours before my flight.

      The rings were perfect, even more beautiful than the pictures, completed exactly as my mother wanted them to be. At Ben Jewellers you are not only dealing with a master craftsman, and a good company, you are dealing with a good man. I highly recommend Ben Jewellers. And Ben, you have mine and my father’s eternal gratitude, and we wish love and blessings on you and your family for the rest of your days. My father was able to feel the warmth of my mother’s heart once again, as if a part of her was there with him on her birthday this year, and it meant the world to us.

      Thank you, and G-d bless!

      – Kemuel Yatrofsky

    1. Kala Bettis U.S.A

      Ben, DHL was able to re route to the correct zip code! I received the chai today. It is stunning, and exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you so much again for your beautiful piece and being so communicative in this process! In Health, Kala Bettis K.D. Bettis

    1. Mohammad Albany New York

      Dear Ben, I am writing to thank you for the lovely pendant. It arrived on time, and it is really beautiful!! Thank you very much! I look forward to buying more beautiful things from you in the future. Best, Mohammad

    1. marc

      Ben – just received the Chai pendant, absolutely beautiful! The larger size was definitely the correct choice. I wasn’t expecting the Hammered finish with the Florentine on top, but they do look great together. Thanks for your assistance, look forward to ordering again soon. All the best, Good Shabbos…


    1. Joe

      Fast delivery, beautiful ring.
      Thanks a lot ben

    1. Andrea Sugarman, Miami

      Dear Ben, I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for your exquisite craftmanship as well as artistic ability. I am so enjoying the magnificent and beautiful jewelry you have made for me. I love wearing your creations. Please know, I wear my necklace every day! It is a symbol of the love Bob and I feel for one another and the words means so much to me; I am glad they are close to my heart. On my birthday, Bob presented me with a pair of beautiful Roman glass earrings you made. Bob elaborated on the origin of the Roman glass, it’s meaning, color and patina, the Yemen symbols carefully placed on the gold setting. All in all, the totality of this work expressed to me the incredible thoughtfulness, caring, as well as spiritual essence and love embedded in my gift. I hope one day Bob and I can return to Israel as it would be a very special treat to me you in person. Thank you again for creating such stunning works of jewelry for me to wear. Warmest Regards, Andrea

    1. Steven

      Ben thanks the pendant came and is very beautiful my son loved it
      Thanks for everything
      Oregon U.S

    1. Evgeni Fomenko

      Amazing Necklace! Thanks for the kind service and the fast shipping! I will buy from you again for sure. VERY RECOMMENDED!

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