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    Born to a distinguished family of silversmiths who were appointed to design and craft jewelry for the Royal Court in Yemen, Ben spent his childhood in his father’s workshop learning and perfecting the Yemenite craft of filigree. In 1991 Ben opened his own workshop and quickly earned international recognition. Ben is respected for his refined workmanship and elaborate designs. Each piece is hand-made and skillfully blends his traditional heritage with his own personal style creating a perfect symbiosis between old and new.

    Ben's collection includes a plethora of different styles and materials. He skillfully combines 14k and 18k gold and with precious stones, as well as Roman glass. The result is a sophisticated compilation of fine jewelry. Today, Ben Jewellers Company is the world leader in desigh and production of Judaica jewelry with Jewish motifs ,and the largest selection of gold collections, some of which are set with diamonds and precious stons.

    In this video you can get an explanation of Ben’s works

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