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    About Roman Glass

    About Roman Glass

    The pieces of Roman glass that are incorporated into our gold jewelry are of top-quality and are excavated throughout the Holy Land.


    The occupation of the Holy Land by the Roman Empire in about 55 B.C. has left remains from that time and civilization. Glass perfume and oil phials, glass jugs and bottles (or broken pieces of these objects) are being excavated in the various sites of ancient Roman occupation. (Objects that are excavated intact, are transferred to The Israel Museum, and are very highly valued.)


    These glass fragments from the Roman civilization in the Holy Land have been embedded in the soil for hundreds of years. The patina formations – the iridescent, pearly scales on the surface of the glass – evolved gradually over centuries as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun, water, and to the oxide and the damp in the soil in which the glass was buried.


    Upon removal of the pearly scales which cover the glass, the glass gets unusual textures and brilliant prismatic opal-like colors, which complement its gold settings.



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